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The project resumed in 2008 and tenders were issued by the government's private investment agency ProInversion. Several consortia were interested in the bid, which included construction and operation of Line 1 for a concession period of 40 years, including Acciona and Graña y Montero, Metro de Madrid and OHL and Cobra and Abengo-Telent. A length of of the line was already constructed, with the winner constructing the remaining stretch and operating the whole line. The tender was, however, abandoned due to lack of funding for the project.

PeruRail operates the Bimodal Service (Bus + Train),  a service that combines bus and train travel, departing and returning to Cusco City, between January and April. These months comprise the rainy season in Cusco, when part of the railway is closed for safety reasons to avoid possible contingencies as a result of landslides. At this time of year, the railway concessionaire, Ferrocarril Transandino ., performs reinforcement works on the rails. For this reason, trains are unable to travel between Cusco and the Sacred Valley during these four months of the year.

Where to get tren

where to get tren


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