Websteroids is running desinstaller

I've tried add or remove programmes - clicking on remove just makes it go a nice shade of blue, it did nothing further. I've tried the same again in safe made - didn't even get the shade of blue that time. I've run malwarebytes - hooray, it detected it, I ticked the box to remove it, the computer restarted and low and behold it's still there. I've tried a system restore - three different dates and three times it didn't successfully restore, no changes have been made. I've tried a Google search on 'how to remove websteroids - well, quite frankly, I thought I was quite adept at computing but after reading the results I feel like I'm a newby all over again, I didn't have a clue.

Websteroids is running desinstaller

websteroids is running desinstaller


websteroids is running desinstallerwebsteroids is running desinstallerwebsteroids is running desinstaller