Trenbolone acetate in horses

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Return of endogenous testosterone production is often likely with discontinuation of anabolic steroids, but sometimes, damage may be irreversible. Natural levels of testosterone production may remain low. Consequently, bodybuilders often recommend implementation of a Post Cycle Therapy or PCT plan. The employment of a PCT plan is designed to stimulate natural testosterone recovery. It also assures the availability of a sufficient amount of testosterone for adequate body function, while your levels naturally increase on a continuous basis.

Trenbolone is often touted as an anabolic steroid that has ‘harsh’ side effects and tends to frighten many individuals who are considering the use of this compound. First and foremost, it should be established that because Tren does not aromatize into Estrogen at any dosage, there is no risk for encountering Estrogenic side effects . The Trenbolone side effects of particular concern are its androgenic side effects, and other side effects that are not usually seen with any other anabolic steroids (such as insomnia, excessive sweating, etc.).

Trenbolone acetate in horses

trenbolone acetate in horses


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