The anabolic bible book

Underground Steroid Handbook By Daniel Duchaine, the first steroid book that started it all. The first anabolic steroid book that dared to take steroids out of the doctor's office and into the locker room. In it's day, it was the steroid bible. DanDuchaine was the first authority to ever discuss and publish topics regarding anabolic steroids, and became world renowned as the Steroid Guru.
Note: Dan Duchaine passed from polycystic kidney disease. The Stack By steroid "Guru" Paul Borresen, is a book on how to stack and cycle anabolic / androgenic steroids. Some of the stacks covered are: "Hide it from the wife stack", "The mountain stack", and "The fat boy from New York stack" Steroids 101 by Jeff Summers includes drug Profiles, mail order sources, exotic cycles, new growth factors. etc. over 300 pages.
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The anabolic bible book

the anabolic bible book


the anabolic bible bookthe anabolic bible bookthe anabolic bible bookthe anabolic bible bookthe anabolic bible book