Tbol liver damage

don't worry mate i don't..... i am confused though as steroids do not enlarge the kidneys directly you must of had very high bp and left it for some time for it to have actually enlarged the size of the kidney or do you mean it enlarged your vessels in the kidney? i am curouise as i have just had kidney issues and my consultant said that Steroids certainly would not be directly at fault as they do not directly interact with the kidney my problem was caused by a spike in BP hence my question about your BP as to enlarge the actual kidney would need an imence raise in BP.....

As already mentioned, Turinabol is a milder, non-aromatizable derivative of Dianabol and was obtained by modifying the chemical structure of the latter. As a result of this chemical modification, Turinabol has a mild 53 anabolic ranking and a 6 androgenic rating. This basically means that Tbol has no androgenic or estrogenic activity, thus being suitable for both males and females. Its users will obtain slow, steady, dry gains, no water retention and almost no side effects. In exchange, Dianabol users will rapidly add an important amount of mass (though much of it is water), with high probabilities to experience more severe side effects.

Tbol liver damage

tbol liver damage