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AIso, in the episode " Tsst ", Cartman confronts Craig and asks him if he can stay at his place for a while; Craig refuses and blatantly says, " But I hate you ". Sometimes this hatred isn't always against Cartman. In the episode " South Park is Gay! ", Craig and his gang seem to be rivals with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. Craig is aware of Cartman's assertive, selfish, and manipulative nature, as well as the fact that Cartman will always get what he wants in one way or another. This is shown in " Fishsticks " where he argued to Jimmy that "You should consider yourself lucky that he (Cartman) is only asking for half." and "Just give him half." It is also shown in " With Apologies to Jesse Jackson " where he tells Mr. Nelson that trying to teach Cartman a lesson "it's not a good idea".

West, Kanye Kanye gets upset when he can't understand a simple joke about fish sticks. His huge ego drives him to kill Carlos Mencia, who appears on Conan, claiming credit for the joke (that Jimmy actually wrote), which Conan calls “probably the funniest most awesome joke ever.” Ellen DeGeneres has Cartman and Jimmy on her show to discuss the origin of what she calls the "perfect joke." Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, and Jay Leno all retell the fish joke to much laughter and applause. Tom Snyder conducts a probing interview with Kanye about his love of fish sticks. Kanye finally embraces the joke and believes he is in fact a gay fish. (S13)

Today, the forcible dismantling of Confederate monuments is an increasingly widespread policy – and so are protests against such dismantling tinged with (real and often frightening) racist invective that’s a far cry from the “well meaning but dumb traditionalists” embodied by Jimbo and Ned in “Nanners.” Obviously, it’s unreasonable to expect a 17 year-old TV episode to have stayed “current” with 17+ years of societal progress; but that doesn’t stop this from being one of the more awkwardly ancient-feeling South Park classics.

South park jimmy buys steroids

south park jimmy buys steroids


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