Nicht steroidalen antirheumatika nsar

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The frequency of occurrence of Helicobacter pylori in the antral mucosa was investigated prospectively in a group of 66 patients (17 men, 49 women, mean age 58 ± 8,4 years) who had been treated with nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs and 33 controls (14 men, 19 women, mean age  ±  years) who had not received these drugs. In the first group the indication for gastroscopy was ingestion of nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs for at least 8 weeks, irrespective of dyspeptic symptoms (present in 25 patients), while in the second group the reason for endoscopy was either clinical symptoms (n = 18) or the presence of blood in the faeces. Helicobacter pylori was demonstrated by culture in 36 out of the 66 patients who had received nonsteroidal antirheumatics ( %); these comprised 24 out of 46 patients ( %) with chronic inactive gastritis and 12 out of 15 patients (80 %) with chronic active gastritis. In the control group H. pylori was detected by culture in 22 out of 33 patients ( %); these included 11 out of 19 patients ( %) with chronic inactive gastritis and 11 out of 12 patients ( %) with chronic active gastritis. H. pylori was not demonstrated in any of the seven patients who had histologically normal gastric mucosa. In both groups there was significant correlation between demonstration of the microorganism and severity of inflammation. There is hence no evidence that nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs have any influence on the colonisation of the antral mucosa by Helicobacter pylori.

Geeignete Grundstoffe für das erfindungsgemäße System sind Polymere auf Basis von Acrylsäure oder Methacrylsäure und deren Ester, Isobutylen, Ethylen- Vinylacetat, Kautschuken, Styrol-Diencopolymeren, Synthesekautschuken oder Heißschmelzkleber. Suitable raw materials for the system according to the invention are polymers based on acrylic acid or methacrylic acid and their esters, isobutylene, ethylene vinyl acetate, rubbers, styrene-diene copolymers, synthetic rubbers or hot melt adhesive. Diese Auflistung ist bei weitem nicht vollständig, läßt aber die breite Anwendungsfähigkeit des erfindungsgemäßen Prinzips erkennen. This list is far from complete, but leaves the broad applicability of the principle of the invention recognize.

Nicht steroidalen antirheumatika nsar

nicht steroidalen antirheumatika nsar


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