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Few, if any, pharma marketers are unaware of the scale and importance of the changes that are shaping their market. Market access, globalisation, technological change and many other factors are creating a once-in-a-century transformation of the industry. Many pharma marketers, however, remain wedded to their habits of segmenting individual prescribers, patients or payers and have failed to grasp the old, but new to pharma, concept of contextual segmentation. To expect old methods to work in new contexts is, to adapt a quote from Einstein, one definition of madness.

EnerTECH World Expo series of CHEMTECH is the most comprehensive integrated energy event which brings the entire ecosystem energy sector to a common platform. EnerTECH World Expo 2016 will bring the stakeholders from the Thermal, Nuclear, and Renewable power generation and T&D sectors to common platform to engage with the equipment manufacturers and allied services providers during four days of international exhibition in Mumbai. Concurrent conferences on Thermal and Nuclear energy will allow the industry professionals to further connect and interact to explore business opportunities in the India's fast growing power sector.

Matrix pharma ltd steroids

matrix pharma ltd steroids


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