Jersey shore steroids use

Additional coverage:
• . to investigate illegal steroid use by law enforcement officers
• . suspends disability benefits for ex-Harrison firefighter working in . fire department
• Heads of largest . police unions support random steroids testing for officers
• Magazine for . law enforcement contains ads for anabolic steroid providers
• Two bills to address steroid use among . law enforcement officers, firefighters
• . pension board members denounce former Harrison firefighter as a cheat, fraud
• . Assembly panel approves stricter rules on growth hormone use

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department announces the arrest of Paul Hoerrner (46) Montclair, . for driving under the influence on July 20, 2017. On that date, at approximately 2:19 AM, Officer Brian Holzmann was on patrol and allegedly observed a 2016 BMW parked on the shoulder of Route 46 West. The vehicle was allegedly still running and the driver, identified as Hoerrner, asleep in the driver seat. It is alleged that it took some time to awaken him. When they did, it is alleged that Hoerrner displayed signs and symptoms consistent with being under the influence to include a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath, bloodshot and watery eyes, and droopy eyelids. Officer Sean McCormack arrived on scene as a back up officer.

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Jersey shore steroids use

jersey shore steroids use


jersey shore steroids usejersey shore steroids usejersey shore steroids usejersey shore steroids usejersey shore steroids use