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East West Brewing Company opened its doors to the public in late December, and we are focused on producing top quality artisan craft beer made from locally sourced hops and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. In addition to offering our signature, flagship craft beer, our brewers are working on producing several seasonal variants featuring all-natural ingredients. Additionally, East West Brewing Company offers several rotating guest taps to appeal to every palette, plus hard cider, bottled beer, and wine by the bottle or the glass.  

Open daily, our kitchen and grill serves up fresh, made-to-order American-style food, including vegetarian options, plus we will be featuring a rotating menu of Indian plated specials when we open for lunch. Our philosophy is to offer a no-pressure approach to ordering. When you are ready to place an order, simply visit our service bar and place your order. Your made-to-order food will be delivered to your table by our servers. Have a question? Please ask!

You really have no idea about anyone’s expectations but your own. I’m a white, western man married to an Eastern Asian woman. Do I disagree with some aspects of Asian culture? Well, yes, of course I do. As does she with some aspects of western culture. Do either of us try to force the other to change? No. Why not? First, because I respect her (that’s why I married her), and second, because what ever cultural difference there is between us is insignificant. People across cultures, sexes, races, religions, and any other category you’d like to put them in are not really that different. We are vastly more similar than we are different. I live in her country and speak her language. I am fully integrated into her family and she in mine. We are comfortable in each other’s culture. I’d say this applies for the vast majority of international/interracial couples. Please think about what you say before posting blatantly discriminatory and narrow-minded assertions.

East german west german map

east german west german map


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