East german toilet seat with a ledge

Knockoffs, especially of well-known Western brands, are common in China, from counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags, imitation Hyatt and Marriott hotels , and even a fake Apple store . Under Chinese law, close imitations are not necessarily considered trademark violations. (Toilets aren’t the only Trump-branded household items in China; Trump Electronics , with factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou, makes air purifiers.) In July 2015, Michael Jordan lost a lawsuit against Qiaodan, or “Jordan” in Chinese, a Chinese company which uses an image of a jumping basketball player as its logo. Dan Harris, a lawyer who helps . firms navigate Chinese law, said that Chinese trademark regulations differ from those in the United States. “Most countries, including China, give trademarks to whomever files for it first,” he told NPR in an August 2015 interview . “But [in] the United States, it’s whoever uses it first.”

Oh you guys haven’t seen the Flachspühler some people still have at home. There are 2 kinds of toilets in Germany. One is called Flachspühler (flat flusher) and the other one is Tiefspühler (deep flusher). The Tiefspühler is like what you’d expect (hole in the middle, you poop in the hole) but with the Flachspühler, you actually poop on a flat surface and then the water has to push your poop down a hole. It’s impossible to poop straight into the hole. I’ve got to say I’ve got no idea why we have those but now that I have a Tiefspühler and not a Flachspühler anymore, the Tiefspühler certainly gets clogged more easily. I didn’t change my diet at all (nothing crazy anyway) but even toilet paper awkwardly stacked on one site of the bowl can clog my toilet now. I never had a clogged toilet in my life before. I mean, the Tiefspühler doesn’t clog either but it just fills up until the pressure of the water in the bowl is high enough to push the stuff through the plumbing. I think we’ve got the Tiefspühler because doctors suggested that those make it easier to check for any indication that something is wrong with your stomach or intestines and it’s easier to take a poop sample for your doctor if you actually have something wrong with your stomach.

East german toilet seat with a ledge

east german toilet seat with a ledge


east german toilet seat with a ledgeeast german toilet seat with a ledgeeast german toilet seat with a ledgeeast german toilet seat with a ledgeeast german toilet seat with a ledge