East german national anthem instrumental

Egon Krenz was elected by the politburo to be Honecker's successor. Krenz tried to show that he was looking for change within the GDR but the citizens did not trust him. On November 9, 1989, the SED announced that East Germans would be able to travel to West Berlin the next day. The spokesman who announced the new travel law incorrectly said that it would take effect immediately, implying the Berlin Wall would open that night. People began to gather at border checkpoints at the wall hoping to be let through, but the guards told them that they had no orders to let citizens through. As the number of people grew, the guards became alarmed and tried to contact their superiors but had no responses. Unwilling to use force, the chief guard at the checkpoint relented at 10:54pm and ordered the gate to be opened. Thousands of East-Germans swarmed into West Berlin and the purpose of the wall was deemed now obsolete. The fall of the wall destroyed the SED politically as well as the career of its leader, Egon Krenz. On December 1, 1989, the GDR government revoked the law that guaranteed the SED the right to rule the East German political system, effectively ending communist rule in the GDR.

The East German national men's ice hockey team was a national ice hockey team created in 1951 to represent the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The team competed in many international competitions, including several in which they competed with the top teams for medals, but managed to win only the European Championship bronze medal in 1966. The only time they competed in the Olympics was in Grenoble in 1968. They scored 13 goals in 7 games, but didn't manage to win any games leaving them with no points in the standings. From that on the team refused to participate in Olympic hockey, but participated in other tournaments. The team folded in 1990 just before the German reunification.

East german national anthem instrumental

east german national anthem instrumental


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