East german integration

It seems my comment is late, but I drop it anyway. The author doesn’t know subject very deep. I’m from East Germany and I can’t agree with following statements:
1. “a poor telecommunication system” – it’s ridiculous, because GDR had most advanced cinema studio DEFA. Its movies are quite popular even now.
2. “wretched cars” – have you ever tried to ride such car, or it’s just only your opinion, based on photos?
3. “labour ignorant of computers” – People, remember – we are talking about 90’s. In the whole world computers weren’t smart.
Compared to West Germany, East Germany was superior on several parameters, but this is not the subject of discussion. We seek difference between GDR and DPRK. Here I can formulate this difference, based on historical point of view: Border between DPRK and South Korea is totally artificial, while border between GDR and West Germany has been built up on old border existing 1000 years ago between slavic and saxon tribes. Remember this, when “West” media throw pieces of crap on socialist countries.

Regional integration is a major development strategy for the countries of Africa, which all share the aim of continent-wide economic, social and cultural integration by 2028. Trade liberalisation is an important aspect of regional integration. This is to be achieved through regional free trade areas, progressing towards customs union, a common market and ultimately monetary union. The East African Community (EAC) is one of eight regional economic communities recognised by the African Union (AU), and the only one that has a vision of political federation. In the treaty establishing the EAC, the partner states decided to expand and intensify their economic, political, social and cultural integration. Since 1998, German development cooperation has made substantial contributions to the deeper economic and social integration process of the East African Community Partner States.

East german integration

east german integration


east german integrationeast german integrationeast german integrationeast german integrationeast german integration