East german belt

This belt is beautiful, and totally old school bombproof construction. The quick release snap is made of metal and totally secure, much better than the plastic usgi gun belt clips.

Totally compatible with usgi alice clips.

Color is darker and better looking than the photo. The price is utterly insane.

The sizing can go up to over 45 inches.. So big folks can wear it too.

I still can't believe the price for the insane quality. Do yourself a favor and don't think twice. THIS BUY IS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.

"Near East" remained popular in diplomatic, trade and journalistic circles, but a variation soon developed among the scholars and the men of the cloth and their associates: "the Nearer East", reverting to the classical and then more scholarly distinction of "nearer" and "farther". They undoubtedly saw a need to separate the Biblical lands from the terrain of the Ottoman Empire. The Christians saw the country as the land of the Old and New Testaments, where Christianity had developed. The scholars in the field of studies that eventually became Biblical archaeology attempted to define it on the basis of archaeology.

East german belt

east german belt


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