East german architecture

Our windows are considered some of the finest in the world. There are 75 windows – more than any other church of any denomination in America. Zettler crafted the windows in Munich, Germany at the Royal Bavarian Art Institute (the firm and its secret for exquisite stained glass were destroyed during World War II). Mr. Zettler was a chemist who was known for his unique ability to craft beautiful colors and dyes. With monumental effect, Zettler oversaw 50 artisans who worked to craft our windows. In 1912 the total cost of the 75 windows were $34,000. Today, just one transept window would cost over $500,000.

While some plattenbau apartments have been renovated to a high standard, some are being torn down, although a lack of funds means many have been left to become derelict, as without extensive renovation, the cheap and low-quality construction of the original buildings meant that after only a few years, they had become severely deteriorated. Because of the modular construction some are dismantled and moved to a new location, which only proves that they were cheap and temporary constructions, which were not built to last, evident even at the time when they were new.

East german architecture

east german architecture


east german architectureeast german architectureeast german architectureeast german architectureeast german architecture