Do crossfit athletes take steroids

Ten years into Edington's new venture, a parent of one of her gymnastic students asked if she'd ever heard of CrossFit Kids. She hadn't. The woman referred her to Mitch Potterf, the owner of Fit Club CrossFit gym, and encouraged Edington to check it out, as the CrossFit Kids programming was similar to Edington's Tumblin4Kids classes. So, competitors Potterf and Edington struck a deal: If Edington went to a CrossFit class, Potterf would attend a gymnastics class. And so began Edington's ride on the "crazy CrossFit train," as she calls it.

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Aside: I've showed this article to a couple people who have been in CrossFit for a little while, and I've noticed a slightly disturbing trend. There is a sort of "brainwashing" that occurs from the first time a person steps into a box (CrossFit-speak for "gym") that creates an "us vs. them" mentality. Boxes have attempted to combat the bad reputation of CrossFit by saying that other gyms do bad stuff but their gym is different, their coaches know good form, their gym focuses on safety. This is simply not true and everything that I've posted in this article refers to EVERY SINGLE GYM THAT FOLLOWS CROSSFIT. There are no exceptions, if you're following the WODs, it's not good for you, it's not safe, and you're putting your health in danger. Take it for what it's worth, but please believe that your box is NOT different, no matter what your coach says.

“ The Paleo Diet, specifically the version that gained notoriety through social hysteria and a cult like following in my beloved CrossFit world, has always struck me as thoughtless and off base. To think that eating like a caveman is even possible, much less an intelligent thing to do, dumbfounds me. I mean, even eating a diet that your favorite celebrity follows and sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons seems like more of an intelligent concept to me than trying to emulate the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors,” said Chris McNamara in an interview with wild/STRONG titled "My Pre-Workout Fueled Paleo Rant." McNamara is a human performance specialist and owner of Evolution Athletics

Do crossfit athletes take steroids

do crossfit athletes take steroids


do crossfit athletes take steroidsdo crossfit athletes take steroidsdo crossfit athletes take steroidsdo crossfit athletes take steroidsdo crossfit athletes take steroids