Bodybuilders died due to steroids

Dr James Woolley, consultant psychiatrist at Priory Hospital in Roehampton, south west London, has urged the public to be “incredibly careful” when purchasing medicine or supplements over the internet. “I have personally seen patients come to considerable harm, such as epileptic fits, psychosis like schizophrenia and self-injury, due to overmedicating themselves with supplies of prescription drugs obtained through the internet,” says Dr Woolley. “Some of these have been due to medication sold online as ‘diet pills,’ which it turns out contain types of amphetamines to suppress appetite.”

Undoubtedly, the deaths will continue to stack up with ¼ of the year remaining though we’d be curious to see whether there is finally an awakening that reduces steroid/hgh demand among potential users. Certainly, Daniele will be missed by those who revolved closest to his Italian orbit. We at searched long and hard but could not find a smirk or example whereby he used his body size to intimidate others. Nonetheless, as did Ed Van Amsterdam, Daniele certainly made a colossal miscalculation with his decision to take steroids. Too bad!

Hello Mike: Over the years I have watched you work out, compete in your competitions, and become the man and person you are. I am now 49 this past , 2013. I can somewhat relate to what you went through. But to have surgery that you had, well – there is a God that wasn’t ready to see you almost saw God on 11/17/10 when I was at Kaiser Med Ctr on Sunset Boulevard near my home, which is in Los Feliz nearest Los Feliz & Riverside Drive. While I was in the observation room, I fell asleep & went into CARDIAC ARREST. When I came too because of the first electric shock from the Defibrillator, I heard the Doctor say, “WE’RE LOSING HIM”!!! I was swear of what was happening to me and I tried praying out loud my HAIL MARY’s. I couldn’t say one completely!!! My departed Mother came to me as I was dying and she was mad at me!!! SHE TOLD ME NOT TO DO THIS TO MY FATHER TWICE, since he is still alive at 81 this year. I felt my blood pressure dropping and I felt myself dying on he bed. As I was on my left side, I looked over to my right side of my body, and saw MY SPIRIT leaving my body upward in a grey swirling mist or cloud. Then I died!!! They gave me a 2nd shock and again I came back. Today I am still alive. I have Congestive Heart Failure, and when I do try to work out, I don’t have the energy as I used to. When I do, I get winded and then I feel the pressure build in the middle of my chest where my heart is. I also have to start watching what I put into my mouth. I have to watch sodium. Indo not cook with salt. I use pepper which is better anyway. If you are still in Los Angeles, maybe we could go hiking in Griffith Park as buddies, if you would be interested. I would like to help you out with regards to getting your heart back to normal. I watched you many years and felt that we that could help one another out, so our hearts an heal and we can still be around for many years to come. My email is Cennameguy@ . If u send me a message, I would respond back. Take care of yourself and realize that it wasn’t your time yet. I would like to consider you a friend. Sincerely; Guy Cenname of: 3400 Lambeth Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90027.

Bodybuilders died due to steroids

bodybuilders died due to steroids


bodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroids