Biogen anabolic mass

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The strongest fat burner from Biogen Health Science is now available in advanced sublingual liquid serum form intended for faster absorption and even quicker results. After the proven success of the original T5 Fat Burners formula, Biogen Health Science looked to push the potency even further and pioneered the new sublingual serum. It uses the same ingredients, although the benefits include higher bio-availability with faster activation times and bypassing the digestion process so in many instances you can start to feel the (jitter-free) effects in under 5 minutes! For experienced users this product can be used alongside the T5 capsules, or it can be used to extend your T5 Fat Burners course by using after the T5 capsules to help cement in your results! The T5 Fat Burner Serum is supplied FREE of charge in the "Transformation Pack".

Biogen anabolic mass

biogen anabolic mass


biogen anabolic massbiogen anabolic mass